What To Wear To Your Engagement Session

March 31, 2022

My most common question from my clients about their engagement session is…WHAT DO WE WEAR?

Dressing yourself in the morning is hard enough when you don’t’ have to stand in front of the camera and be the best version of you. Choosing what to wear for a photoshoot can trigger an epic meltdown at times.

So if your nerves start to fray when planning your outfits, YOU’RE NOT ALONE! This is so beyond normal. Before you lose sleep to late nights spent shopping online, filling the cart only to second guess and delete it all, let’s talk about what works and what doesn’t…


Number one thing I want you to remember? Being comfortable makes a HUGE difference in how you FEEL during the photo session. You should look and feel like your best self. It’s not uncommon for people to want new, sparkly and trendy clothes to wear for their photoshoot, and that’s totally fine if that’s your jam, but if there’s an obvious discomfort in your outfit choice it will show in your photos.

This doesn’t mean that you should automatically choose a T-shirt and jeans for your shoot because that’s the only thing you’re comfortable in….what it does mean is that the best version of you within your comfort scale. Girls – what makes you feel sexy, confident and what would you wear on an epic date night? Guys, do you feel handsome in a button up, Moto jacket, or wool sweater?

Picking items that you know you’ll feel good in is everything!


Like I just mentioned, it is temping to fill up your online shopping basket with sparkly trendy new duds, but when it comes down to looking flattering and timeless, earthy neutral tones are tried and true. Colors like sand, olives, rusts and dusty blues are very appealing on all skin tones as well as everlasting staples.


Depending on how many people are in your session, pick 3 or 4 colors and then choose items that compliment each other. For example, an olive maxi dress, nude sandals and tan hat could go great with a tan button down shirt olive pants and brown shoes. Throw in a print here or there that incorporates the color scheme and you’ve got yourselves a remarkable outfit combo!


Ladies; If possible, choose fabrics that flow in the breeze and cinch in the right places. Ones that move and flow with you in the summer or cozy items in the winter that create shape in the right areas.

Guys; Natural fibers like cotton, linen and wool are amazing. A handsome neutral button up or perfect t-shirt in the summer. A warm henley or wool sweater with a nice belt is always a win in the winter.


It’s always a good idea to bring another outfit option. One of my clients brought multiple options to our hour session that she popped in and out of effortlessly – first was chic and romantic, another was playful and cute and the last was cinched waist and flowy. I will always encourage multiple outfits if possible! It gives you options and helps us see what’s the most flattering with the light and location.

6. Last but not least…BRING PROPS!

Sounds cheesy, but hear me out! A simple hat, blanket or champagne bottle can make for an interesting and unforgettable little scene. Ladies – a hat gives you something to play with and hold when you’re not sure what to do with your hands. Guys – pro tip – bring your lady some flowers! Scoring points and giving you two something beautiful to hold will make that moment pop. It’s not uncommon to bring food to your session, like a picnic or even a pizza box! Make it fun, but most importantly be comfortable and make it YOU.

Have some ideas that I missed? Throw them in the comments section or email me your ideas! I’d love to hear what you have to say.

-All the best,


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