Intimate San Luis Obispo Wedding at Higuera Ranch

June 21, 2023

The Mod Disco Vibe Deserves….A Moment!!

I know everyone knows Elvis Presley, but can we just take a moment for Priscilla? She was the fashion icon behind Elvis. She was the Jackie to President Kennedy. The bouffant, the lipstick, the confidence. Hence the muse behind this bride’s look for this Mod Disco theme wedding! If you haven’t met me yet, I’m Kirsten Lewis (not the bride pictured lol) an award winning wedding photographer for San Luis Obispo County. I aim to be the best wedding photographer in San Luis Obispo and not just another wedding photographer. There are a lot of us and we are all different in what we provide as our art. I love golden hour photos and sunset wedding photos. I love the excitement of wedding photography and capturing candid emotional photos on a couples big day. AND I also love themed weddings!

…And so the blog post follows…

Why have a theme wedding? Well I have 7 reasons why at the bottom of this post!

So we all get what mod disco is, but who was this Priscilla muse girl anyway?

Priscilla Presley, the former wife of legendary musician Elvis Presley, is widely regarded as a fashion icon. Known for her impeccable style and ability to effortlessly blend sophistication with trendsetting looks, she has left an indelible mark on the fashion world.

Priscilla’s fashion choices during the 1960s and 1970s showcased her innate sense of style and helped define the era. She was a trailblazer, always ahead of the curve with her fashion-forward ensembles. Priscilla effortlessly combined classic elegance with bold and experimental elements, creating a unique and memorable personal style.

One of Priscilla’s signature looks was her iconic bouffant hairstyle, often complemented by soft, smoky eye makeup and perfectly sculpted eyebrows. Her flawless complexion and radiant smile only enhanced her overall appeal. Priscilla’s beauty and poise made her a natural fit for the world of fashion and a sought-after muse for many designers and me as a photographer!

Well now that we have that little background on our muse, can we safely say that hair and makeup absolutely nailed this for our bride?! It’s important on your wedding day to be true to yourself, like Priscilla Presley. Break the rules! Take a risk! And most importantly drop the drama and HAVE FUN WITH IT! You’re paying for it, so go for it!

The Hair and Makeup Team for this bride and maids was CC Beauty Mark. They were presented with a classic picture of Priscilla Presley with simple instructions to make it modern. I think we can say that this bride was absolutely gorgeous! They did an amazing job highlighting her natural features and including a modern smokey eye.

The venue of choice was Higuera Ranch in San Luis Obispo, California. The sprawling ranch is at the north end of San Luis Obispo and surrounded by hills, palm trees and amazing barns. The main house pictured above is used to rent out for family and friends. The pool house located in the back is the ideal location for getting ready brides and hair and makeup!

The theme of this wedding was Mod Disco and why not? If you want creative wedding photography, this will undoubtedly get you those shots!

The disco era, also known as the “golden age of disco,” emerged in the 1970s as a vibrant and influential cultural movement. It was a time of exuberant music, flashy fashion, and a liberated social atmosphere that captivated the world. Disco was so much more than just a genre of music; it symbolized a lifestyle that celebrated self-expression and inclusivity.

Disco was all about dancing! The dance floor became a the place to be where people could let go of their inhibitions and express themselves through movement. Iconic dances like the “Hustle,” “Electric Slide,” and “Saturday Night Fever” made their mark, while DJ’s perfected the art of spinning records, seamlessly blending tracks and keeping the energy high….

Sounds like something you would want at your wedding reception!!

In my humble opinion, fun themes at weddings are such a great way to incorporate guests into your day. It gets them excited and they get to play a part in your day, making it an special one. Pick an idea, theme and color palette that you and your fiancé love and then take it up a notch. Make it Buzz worthy! Make it EPIC!

These adorable signs were created by Palette and Pine. They featured fun sayings like “It’s about damn time” and their signature cocktail the Grapefruit Chamomile Palomas by Bottles & Ice.

Consider a cocktail dress to change into or vibrant fun accessories like shoes, bouquet or this mod veil topped with a bow. What is it that interests you? What ideas, food, colors and textures excite you that could be incorporated into your wedding? Even simple things like small favors for your guests to nibble on can really elevate the experience. The bride and groom are snacking on fun cotton candy refreshments by Haute Sugar Co. in playful flavors like pop rocks and watermelon.

The vibrant summery flower choices were pieced together by Sun Canyon Florals and arranged on the beautiful furniture from Embellished Vintage Rentals.

The second half of the day got into the vibrance of color that the disco offered! Picture yourself as a wedding guest at beautiful Higuera Ranch in San Luis Obispo, CA. The attire is pinks, oranges and creams so you show up in a hot pink dress or suit and dance the night away!

The bride wore a short satin number with bell sleeves for the beginning of the day and then changed into this long mod lace dress from Something Bridal. The lace corset and sweetheart neckline were stunning on Elise and the paired pearl adorned veil elevated the dress even further.

This bounce house by Luna Bounce was the perfect color for the theme. Some disco ball balloons were thrown inside to make it extra festive. I’m here to say it did just that and everyone had a round in the fun. Would you incorporate a bounce house at your wedding?

I had the girls pose together after enjoying the fun. The bounce house provided the perfect backdrop for these gorgeous maids and their stunning bride. To be the best San Luis Obispo Wedding Photographer one can aspire to be, I try to create intimate moments like these to capture genuine candid photos.

At the end of the day, the bride and maids sat down to enjoy a picnic provided by Mimi’s Picnics. The vibrant candlesticks and pillows provided the ideal location to grab a drink, some Haute Sugar Co cotton candy and relax! The giant marquee letters were from Lola’s Letters and lit up as the sun went down.

The picnic was the perfect little set up for a micro wedding or intimate wedding. The girls were refreshed and ready to hit a dance floor downtown SLO!

So what do you say? Have I convinced you yet?

Why settle for a run-of-the-mill wedding when you can unleash your imagination and have a themed extravaganza? Let’s face it, a themed wedding is like a burst of confetti in the world of matrimony, injecting an extra dose of fun, playfulness, and a touch of cheeky wit. Here’s why you should jump on the themed-wedding bandwagon:

  1. Break Free from Boring: Don’t be a cookie-cutter couple lost in the sea of traditional weddings. Embrace your inner maverick and let your creativity run wild with a themed wedding. It’s the perfect chance to break free from the shackles of predictability and infuse your big day with a dash of originality.
  2. Get Your Guests Giggling: A themed wedding is like a comedy show in disguise. Picture your loved ones, clad in outrageous costumes, laughing till their sides hurt. From the mustache-twirling circus-themed extravaganza to a retro disco ball dance-off, a themed wedding will leave your guests grinning from ear to ear.
  3. Create a Memorable Experience: Themed weddings are memorable because they offer a cohesive and immersive experience for your guests. From the decorations and attire to the music and food, every aspect can be tailored to fit the chosen theme, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.
  4. Unleash Your Inner Child: Who says weddings have to be serious affairs? With a themed wedding, you can channel your inner child and let loose like never before. Be it a whimsical fairy tale or a superhero showdown, your wedding becomes a playground for grown-ups, reminding everyone that life is too short to take everything so seriously.
  5. Instagrammable Moments Galore: Want to break the internet? A themed wedding is the secret recipe for an avalanche of likes and shares. Imagine the photo opportunities: you dressed as Star Wars characters exchanging vows, or your guests wielding foam swords in a medieval feast. Your wedding hashtag will be trending before you can say “I do.”
  6. Stand Out in the Crowd: Weddings are memorable, but a themed wedding is unforgettable. It’s a chance to stand out in a sea of white dresses and black tuxedos. Your special day becomes a legendary tale that friends and family will recount for years to come, ensuring your love story becomes the stuff of legends.
  7. Simplify Decision Making: Having a theme can help streamline decision-making processes. It provides a framework and direction for choosing elements like invitations, attire, venue, and decorations, making the planning process more focused and less overwhelming.

So, ditch the traditional and embrace the playful and witty fun of themed weddings. Your big day will be a joyous celebration that reflects your unique personalities, brings laughter to your guests, and creates memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. It’s time to let your wedding be a whimsical adventure where happily ever after meets a little bit of mischief.

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